Land Required

Our team is constantly seeking development opportunities in good residential areas throughout Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire. We are happy to consider sites and development opportunities of all sizes.

We appreciate that landowners want to know that they are dealing with a company that can both ‘deliver the goods’ and will treat them fairly.

We are very conscious of our reputation for acting with integrity in all our dealings and we are proud of a track record in achieving planning consents in sensitive locations. This has come about through meticulous attention to detail and the involvement of a highly competent professional team.

In nearly all cases we are responsible for the preparation of a planning application at our own risk. The Landowner is kept fully informed throughout this process and is welcome to attend meetings with our professional team and, if appropriate, the local planning authority.

We are very flexible in our approach to structuring purchases, from outright purchase to joint venture, tailoring arrangements to suit the landowner’s circumstances and to minimize the impact of issues such as capital taxation.

If you have land to sell, with or without planning permission or have a property you feel has development potential, please contact us on 01730 817386 for a confidential discussion.